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When Is Exterior Wall Panelization Right for My Project?

March 25, 2022

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Prefabricated and finished exterior wall panels are a cutting edge approach to exterior wall construction for both new commercial buildings and renovation projects to provide an updated aesthetic on a building’s exterior. Exterior wall panels give multi-level commercial construction projects the distinct style and customizable, modern look and feel that customers are looking for.

Benefits of Planning for Exterior Wall Panels in Your Design

In an ideal world, builders and architects incorporate exterior wall panelization into the design phase of construction in order to capitalize on the many benefits of Sto Panel exterior wall panel systems.

Cost Savings

Exterior wall panels are a cost effective way to create beautiful, unique exterior motifs to make your construction project stand out from the surrounding buildings. When wall panels are incorporated into the initial design, your project’s budget shrinks without sacrificing quality. Because the panels are lightweight, the use of wall panels reduces the need (and the cost) of other structural components, including steel and concrete. 

Fewer Delays and Shortened Schedule

Wall panel manufacturing takes place indoors, eliminating potential weather delays. When you choose to use this material, it can fast-track your construction project, accelerating your building envelope installation by 80%.

Excellent Quality

When it comes to excellence in wall panel construction, there are no cut corners. Sto Panel prefabricated panels are manufactured in temperature controlled facilities and adhere to strict code requirements to ensure you are building with the finest, most resilient materials available. Panels provide long-term durability with an industry-leading warranty. They are compliant for use on all construction types under the IBC.

Customer Satisfaction

When you incorporate wall panels into your design from the start, we can assist you with making sure all of your goals are met, whether your customer is aiming for a unique design, energy efficiency, sustainability, or cost effectiveness, or some combination of the above. With hundreds of different architectural and aesthetic options available, your new build is sure to stand out from other construction projects around town.

Sometimes a project doesn’t go as planned. It happens to every contractor at some point—there are weather delays, shipping delays, labor problems, inspection issues, and more that can disrupt your construction project.

Get Schedule Back on Track

J&B Panel Systems exterior wall panels can help you fast-track your project to meet your customer’s hard deadline. Because these panels are manufactured indoors in a climate-controlled facility, we can work with you to expedite production where other materials might be delayed. Exterior wall panel efficiencies allow you to compress the construction schedule. Little to no scaffolding is needed to install the panels, and you can continue with site prep while your panels are being fabricated, saving you lots of time onsite. On top of all of that, prefab panelization is just quicker and easier to install, cutting time by default.

Reduce Your Project Overage

Did expenses early on in the project exceed what you had budgeted? It isn’t too late to take advantage of cost savings with exterior wall panels. With a panelized wall system, job site overhead is reduced by weeks or even months. This includes time savings and cost savings for job trailers, equipment, project management, and other expenses. An expedited timeline on having the building envelope enclosed not only gets the building to a dried state faster, but it reduces the project duration schedule. Not only does a panelized wall system save on time, but utilizing panels decreases the number of carpenters that J&B has onsite. 

Find the Aesthetic You’re Looking For… Without the Material Delays

Because Sto Panels come in a wide variety of architectural designs and textures, there’s no limit to the design aesthetics you’re looking for. You don’t have to wait for shipments of bricks, stones, metals, or other materials: we can manufacture the exterior wall panels to match whatever you want.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing multi-level commercial building, there’s an application available with Sto Panels. As a certified Sto Panel affiliate, J&B Panel Systems specializes in helping you simplify your commercial building project to deliver you a headache-free exterior wall panel system that saves you time and money. Don’t sacrifice quality or aesthetics for the sake of time or budget; talk to us at J&B Panel Systems to learn more about how prefabricated exterior wall panels can put the right finishing touch on your building.

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